Services for Developing and Validating Spreadsheets

Transform your critical spreadsheets from a liability to a business advantage.
You might have heard that
"Your Spreadsheets need to be Validated for Compliance"
. But that just opens up questions like:
Which spreadsheets need to be validated?
What does it mean to validate a spreadsheet anyway?
spreadsheet be validated? Can spreadsheets be validated at all?
Are there reasons other than compliance to validate spreadsheets?
How long does it all take?
Spreadsheets are everywhere, and if you're using them in a regulated facility, for compliance, or for other high-risk situations you are going to need a similarly high level of data integrity and assurance. That might mean careful design and testing. It might mean validating them.
I can help you with that. I offer a wide range of consulting options and workshops from practical advice for designing and building spreadsheets; to coaching your team through validation best practices.
I'll help your team turn spreadsheets from a compliance liability to high-assurance development tool that is a competitive advantage.
Want to discuss how I can help with a project or a specific problem you're facing?

Here are some products and services I offer specifically to help your team with spreadsheets. Please feel free to
email me
or book a free call if you have questions about which might be the best fit for you.

1-on-1 Consult with Brendan

Are you trying to decide whether a spreadsheet needs to be validated or not? Or do you know it needs validation but the process seems too daunting?
Book a 1-on-1 consult now. I'll review the details, and you'll get an hour to ask me any questions you have about choosing, specifying, developing, testing and validating spreadsheets.
Don't waste another day spinning your wheels. Get Answers - Get Unstuck - Take Action

The Pre-Validation Spreadsheet Audit

This service evaluates one existing spreadsheet, producing a high-value report full of actionable advice to ensure data integrity, traceability, and ease of testing and validation.
You'll get answers to questions like:
How much risk does this spreadsheet pose to operations, data integrity or compliance?
Are there changes I can make or best practices to protect my valuable data?
Do I need to validate it?
How detailed should validation testing go?
What can I change that could make validation easier?
This should be considered the first step before using a spreadsheet in a regulated environment or anywhere you need a high level of data assurance. It will save you time, effort and help you reduce the risks to any data being handled by the spreadsheet.
We start with a meeting to go through the spreadsheet and establish your goals, as well as to identify any process, compliance and validation requirements you have.
Once you have sent me a copy of the spreadsheet itself I'll go through it with a fine-toothed comb, looking for best practices, risks, validation complexity and compliance pitfalls.
The written report provides:
An analysis of the risk that the spreadsheet in its current form poses with respect to your stated requirements and best practices;
Actionable, step-by-step advice for making improvements to the spreadsheet to increase data quality, reduce operator errors and simplify validation; and
A recommendation for the level of testing and/or formal validation that should be performed on the spreadsheet before releasing it for operation.
Reduce the risks posed by your mission-critical spreadsheets while saving time and money on your validation efforts.

Spreadsheet Specifications and Validation Roadmaps

Developing a high quality spreadsheet for use in regulated or critical environments starts with a proper, written User Requirements and Functional specification.
This service will help you to develop a specification for a new or existing high quality spreadsheet.
We start with a meeting to establish your goals, and identify any top level process, compliance and validation requirements.
I'll evaluate any prototypes for the spreadsheet, if available. Then I'll work with your team to put together a User Requirements Specification. Finally, I'll provide a roadmap to implementing a high quality, validateable spreadsheet based on those specifications.

Validation Coaching Program
From CDN$15,000

This 3-month coaching program starts with training and ends with all of the validation documents required for one existing spreadsheet. A simple, standalone COTS computerized system may be substituted.
In addition to having a validated spreadsheet, at the end of this 3 month program your team will be able to:
Identify when and how spreadsheets should be validated
Write requirement specifications that make it easy to develop and test your spreadsheet
Develop spreadsheets that are easy to validate
Write and execute a validation plan and test scripts that cover what matters
Each week we'll meet on Zoom and tackle a different part of the spreadsheet design, development and validation cycle. Includes:
A Spreadsheet Validation Training session
A Pre-Validation Audit of the chosen spreadsheet, walked-through with the team.
Guided development and reviews of the spreadsheet URS document, validation plan, test scripts and tje validation report
Note: This coaching program assumes a 3-month engagement and requires a commitment from the validation team to get the components completed on time. Of course I understand that schedules and priorities can change, and additional support and validation document review can be added as necessary at a monthly rate.

Custom Spreadsheet Development
Contact Me

Sometimes you just need someone to do it all for you.
We start with a meeting to establish your goals and scope out the project, as well as to identify any process, compliance and validation requirements you have.
Then I will work with your team over a 3-week period to establish a User Requirements Specification for a custom spreadsheet that meets your needs.
Once we have agreed upon a URS, I'll design and develop a spreadsheet that meets the URS, complete with user instructions, training package and validation plan.
Contact me and if I am confident I can help you, I'll put together a fixed price for the project with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Other Validation Support
Contact Me

I can offer a full range of validation support services for spreadsheets, data analysis tools or computerized systems, including:
Risk Assessments and Gap Analyses
Validation SOP and Template Reviews
Roadmaps and Strategy Development
Validation Document Reviews and Audits
Contact me to discuss, and if I am confident I can help you I'll put together a fixed price for the project and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Questions and Answers

Are the prices given estimates? What are your hourly rates?

These are fixed price projects, in Canadian dollars, with guaranteed outcomes. No hourly overages - if I take on the project, then I'll take on the risk that it takes longer than expected.

When is payment due?

Full payment for the 1-on-1 call and the pre-validation audit are due up front.
For the other services you have two options for payment:
Pay in full, up front, and you'll
get 10% off
Pay 50% up front and the remainder is due in 30 days.
In all cases, first payment is required before I will schedule any travel or work.

What happens after I apply?

In most cases we'll schedule a 1-on-1 meeting by Zoom so that we can introduce ourselves, discuss your business, any goals you have, and availability. If I'm confident that I can help you, I'll provide a guaranteed fixed price for the service.
Once your payment is processed, I will work with your team to gather any information required, schedule any meetings or travel, and get started on document review and the project plan.

Is GST/HST included in prices?

No, GST/HST is not included and will be calculated at the time of checkout if and as applicable.

What if we need something different?

Contact me
and we'll talk. If I think I can help you, I'll provide you with a fixed price for a guaranteed outcome.

You said 100% Satisfaction guarantee. What does that mean?

The 100% satisfaction guarantee means that if you aren't satisfied with the service that I provide, I will do what I can to make it right. What this means for each project or service will be laid out in clear, concrete terms.

What do people say about working with Brendan?

Icon of an pill bottle
We were trying to develop a Part 11 compliant system so that any digital photo could not be deleted or altered. Brendan offered several detailed solutions to the problem and got us going in the right direction. I would definitely recommend Brendan's services - he is a jewel to work with!
Debi Garvin
, MS, RQAP-GLP, Pacific Rim Consulting and Training
Icon of an ECG machine
For many years, Brendan has been my go-to person when I've had questions about our computerized systems. I can always count on a thorough and clear explanation of the issue and my options. I'd definitely recommend his services.
Gordon Cowan
, P.Eng., President, UGM Engineering
Icon of an cannabis leaf
If you need someone to provide deeper insights into your QMS or to train staff, I would definitely recommend they hire Brendan. Overall, I was happy with the experience and would like to find opportunities to work together again.
Wayne Jackson
, P. Eng., Chief Operations Officer, Endless Sky Inc.
Icon of an pill bottle
Brendan helped us manage a complex, multidisciplined pharma project. He always seemed to be in right place and right time to connect people and their tasks. I do not hesitate to strongly recommend hiring Brendan, he would be extremely valuable asset to any team. His experience and personality are hard to compare with anybody that I'm aware of.
Dr. Felix Polyak
, Ph.D., Director of Chemical Development

Still not sure?

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