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We were trying to develop a Part 11 compliant system so that any digital photo could not be deleted or altered. Brendan offered several detailed solutions to the problem and got us going in the right direction. I would definitely recommend Brendan's services - he is a jewel to work with!
Debi Garvin
, MS, RQAP-GLP, Pacific Rim Consulting and Training
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We were bringing a new extraction facility in the newly regulated Cannabis industry online. Brendan helped us to solve many issues while getting Endless Sky operational. He is well versed in the Cannabis regulations and helped us identify best practices and opportunities for improvement. I found we could quickly ascertain problems and solutions and move forward.
Most of our staff had industrial experience but not in pharmaceutical or food manufacturing. Brendan set up a series of formal and hands-on training sessions for our staff in how to use the Quality Assurance system effectively to eliminate public health risks and to make a repeatable high quality product. He also built reporting tools to help us meet the intensive Federal monthly reporting requirements.
Quality Assurance is about risk mitigation, and often appears at odds with commercial goals of timelines and cost. Brendan is keenly aware of this and tries to outline where businesses have choices and where they don't.
If you need someone to help you with projects where deep knowledge of both regulations and technically complex operations are required, I would definitely recommend they hire Brendan. Overall, I was happy with the experience and would like to find opportunities to work together again.
Wayne Jackson
, P. Eng., Chief Operations Officer, Endless Sky Inc.
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Brendan worked with us on a complex project involving several phases and parallel development streams to address R&D uncertainty for a challenging API and lyophilized drug product. Before the project, the product was considered unfeasible and the quality of API was poorer.
He helped us create a realistic and detailed scope of work for various phases of the project, including accurate budgets. We solved a broad array of problems together, and his exceptional analytical skills determined issues in a timely manner.
With his help we scaled up to multi-kilogram batch size production of the highest purity API; and a consistent, high quality, commercial scale lyophilized drug product with more than 2 year shelf life.
I would absolutely recommend hiring Brendan. He is quick, detailed, accurate and respectful, and it was very pleasant working with him. Also, his oral and written communication skills made his explanations easy to follow.
Solomon Schachner
, Director of Pharmaceutical Technology
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Working with Brendan was always a great pleasure. The experience and organization he brought was at a level I had never seen before. He always had prompt answers for any problems or questions I had which really helped keep my operations running smooth and continuous.
As a group, we learnt so much from Brendan. He always paid very close attention to areas where we were lacking and would set up training sessions to concentrate on those areas which always proved to be highly effective.
I would highly recommend Brendan to anyone asking as his positive presence, knowledge and leadership spread to others within the company helping to build an excellent team.
Corey Fletcher
, Operations Manager, Cannabis Extraction Facility
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We were running a complex, multi-phase pharma project that included planning and designing a quality system from scratch in a rather challenging environment. I brought Brendan in to help us out, and he quickly became an integral part of our team through multiple successes. With his multi-disciplined approach, an eye for detail and a willingness to ask the difficult questions, Brendan helped us accomplish what others said was impossible.
Gordon Cowan
, P. Eng., President, UGM Engineering
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We had many complicated procedures that required simplifying which was a large continuous ongoing problem we faced. Brendan was amazing at simplifying complicated forms and procedures which allowed our processes to be straightforward.
He has taught me better understanding of Health Canada Regulations and industry standards. If something goes wrong my first thought is "What would Brendan do?" as he always had a clear logical way to solve the problem while ensuring compliance with regulations.
It was a huge learning experience working with you, you were always the voice of reason and full of knowledge. I would highly recommend you.
Rheanne Dekeyser
, QAP, Cannabis Facility
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Brendan always seemed to be in right place and right time to connect people and their tasks. I do not hesitate to strongly recommend hiring Brendan, he would be extremely valuable asset to any team. His experience and personality are hard to compare with anybody that I'm aware of.
Dr. Felix Polyak
, Ph.D., Director of Chemical Development
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